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Tax benifits assist production of Kokoda!

Press Release from the office of Federal member Margaret May, MP for McPherson.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Gold Coast

Gold Coast City Council Article on the opening of the first stage of the Kokoda Memorial Walk on the Gold Coast.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Dandenong

Pictures from the Memorial Walk at Dandenong Ranges, VIC, Australia



Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

Pictures from the Memorial at Repatriation Hospital Concord, Sydney, NSW, Australia



Bruce Malloy


Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education, Master of Arts (University of Queensland)

Master of Letters (University of New England).

Doctor of Philosophy (Griffith University).


Professor Emeritus (Queensland University of Technology)


1994 - Present Professor of Film and Television, Bond University

1994 - 1997 Board member, Barron Entertainment Ltd., Perth

1992 - 1996 Commissioner, Pacific Film and Television Comission

1984 - 1993 Professor and Head, School of Communication, Queensland University of Technology

Film Festival

1989 Committee Member, ‘Queensland Images’ Retrospective Activities

1991 - 1993, Board Member, Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF)

1992 - Present, Chair, BIFF Chauvel Award Selection Committee

1993 Invited Presenter, Wurzburg International Film Weekend

1996 - Present, Member, Steering Committee, Gold Coast Film Festival


1. Before the Interval: Australian Film and Mythology, 1930 - 1960, University of Queensland Press, 1989

2. Queensland Images in Film and Television, University of Queensland Press, 1990



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