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Tax benifits assist production of Kokoda!

Press Release from the office of Federal member Margaret May, MP for McPherson.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Gold Coast

Gold Coast City Council Article on the opening of the first stage of the Kokoda Memorial Walk on the Gold Coast.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Dandenong

Pictures from the Memorial Walk at Dandenong Ranges, VIC, Australia



Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

Pictures from the Memorial at Repatriation Hospital Concord, Sydney, NSW, Australia



The Late - John Dixon


John Dixon is one of the Australian Film and Television industry's senoir and most experienced Writer/Directors.

John was posted to Japan as a linguist with the Occupation Force. As a Sergeant he served in a number of intelligence postings.

Upon returning to Melbourne he studied for an Arts Degree at Melbourne University. Then travelled to London to pursue a career in Film and Television, trained as a Film Editor and worked for Technicolour and Elstree Studios.

Missing Australia, John came back to Melbourne, work for Channel 7 promoted to Film Director. In that capacity he worked on Drama, Current Affairs, News and Sport. Along with Ron Casey he started "World of Sport" and consequently directed the first two hundred episodes.

In 1964 John left Channel 7 to join a tourist party into Red China. He subsequently became the first Australian to film that country and the resultant footage was shown in Australia and the United Kingdom. He was then engaged by Channel 9 to produce a series of documentries including:

"Wool on the Track"

A look at the remains of the huge outback stations of the last century in the Darling Downs.

"Indonesia after Sukarno"

Indonesia during and after Sukarno's fall.


Australian troops in South Vietnam at the time.


A report on the Southern half of this divided country.

"Days of Destiny"

This was an eye-witness account of the Six Day War. It was acclaimed internationally, bought by CBS and awarded a Logie.

"Muggeridge in Australia"

Australia through Malcom Muggeridge's eyes.

"David becomes Goliath"

Israel's uneasy peace in the 'war of attrition.' This was screened in theatres and by the ABC.

John the formed Cambridge Flims with a group of film crew friends. He directed Commercials for companies such as General Motors Holden, British Pertroleum, Ford, Phillip Morris and Carlton United Breweries, where he worked with their agency, George Patterson to develop the 'real Australian' style that typifies their advertising. His work for these companies won numerous awards including a Gold Clio in New York for Marlboro's "Wild Station".

At the request of the promoters, John set up the organisation for and ran the Sunbury Pop Festival for four years and produced the cult movie "Sunbury".

In his spare time John had been working on a script called "ANZACS" about the Australian involvement in World War 1. But in 1979 that project went into abeyance when producer Geoff Burrows asked him to join up on the development of the feature "The Man From Snowy River". John wrote and co-directed this film and it was and still is a success both in Australia and overseas. "Snowy" broke all box office records for an Australian Film in Australia and went on to become the countries highest ever grossing film internationally (only later to be surpassed by Paul Hogan's "Crocodile Dundee" films).

After this project, John and Burrows undertook "ANZACS". John wrote, co-directed and co-produced this 12-hour mini-series in three years. "ANZACS" topped the ratings both here and in the United Kingdom where it was screened twice due to publice demand. It was awarded a Logie for Best Drama. It was in this production that Paul Hogan made his dramatic acting debut. "ANZACS" remains the only production that Hogan has worked on that was not his own material. He was said to have been convinced by the quality of John's writing.

Burrowes and Dixon again teamed up on the feature "Running from the Guns" a comedy/thriller set on the Melbourne waterfront amongst the Painters and Dockers. This has become a cult movie in Europe and America. Their final project together was "The Man From Snowy River 2" with John as writer. This was distributed by Disney Studios worldwide.

For Channel 7, John wrote and directed "Rose against the Odds". It is the story of Lionel Ross the World champion boxer. This four hour mini-series is currently screening on Foxtel.

John is currently working with producer George Friend on "KOKODA" a script now in fourth draft for a feature based on the epic 1942 campaign in New Guinea.


CMF/Army Reserve in the Armoured Corps.

Commanded his own regiment, the 4/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse as LT. COL ED

Appointed to the Council of the Australian War Memorial and served for eight years as chairman of the Gallery Committee.

Apart from good lunches with friends his main interests are Australian and Military history and the Australian Character.



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