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Tax benifits assist production of Kokoda!

Press Release from the office of Federal member Margaret May, MP for McPherson.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Gold Coast

Gold Coast City Council Article on the opening of the first stage of the Kokoda Memorial Walk on the Gold Coast.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Dandenong

Pictures from the Memorial Walk at Dandenong Ranges, VIC, Australia



Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

Pictures from the Memorial at Repatriation Hospital Concord, Sydney, NSW, Australia



Tota Kondo

Mr Tota Kondo (Australian Citizan) and his wife Yuki have resided on the Gold Coast since February 1998. Mr Kondo was born in Tokyo in 1916 and his University education was in Los Angeles, after studying Economics at Keio Universtiy, Tokyo.

From 1949 to 1970 Mr Kondo was the President of a very successful Trading Company involved in the export of Japanese manufactured goods e.g. cameras, electrical items, perls and china wares.

In addition to this, Mr Kondo held the position of Foreign Affairs Aide to the former Japanese Prime Minister, Mr Nobusuke Kishe from 1955 until his death in 1987.

Currently, Mr Kondo works in Australia and Japan and is the Overseas Marketing Consultant for Seibu Oil Company and Executive Director of SILKTIME Pty Ltd. He travels regularly between Australia and Japan.

I. International Trade - (Business Career)

1949 established a trading company as its President.

Handled top grade Japanese products e.g. Hitachi, Sony, Panasonic, Akai, Nikon, Minolta, Mikimoto Pearls, Noritake China etc. for export.

1955 due to business expansion opened a New York buying and selling office. On business travelled all over the world.

1969 sold business.

II. U.K. & Australia/New Zealand relationships.

1953 Appointed by NAAFI (Navy Amry Air Force Institute) London as its procurement agent in Japan. Purchased and shipped the consignments world-wide including Australia/New Zealand and Middle East until 1969.

1973 (First oil crises) of ALCAN Australia sold Japanese know-how on aluminium surface coating for $US250,000.

III. T.V. Personality

Conducted English language programmes as the Instructor and Interviewer Channel 1, 10, 12 Tokyo.

IV. Present - Gold Coast AUSTRALIA

Mrs Kondo passed away 16th July 1996.



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