RSF News - Volume 1 #3

Volume 1 Number 03

Volume I Number 03 ACN 001 352 530 September 2 1997

There have been major developments in the KOKODA! feature film project since our last newsletter. The elements vital to the success are coming together, including the positive support of the media. The enclosed copy of the story by Frank Devine in The Australian coincided with the opening of the recent Movie Convention on the Gold Coast. The timing no doubt was coincidental but it couldn't have been better for us as it promoted further interest in the film. Below are some of the recent events which show that:

55 years in the making...

KOKODA! is on track


Japan's most popular film stars Rentaro Mikuni and Youki Kudoh (Heavens Burning) met John Dixon, Writer/ Director and Co-Producer of "KOKODA!" with Chief Executive George Friend in Tokyo in March. The two stars confirmed their willingness to play the leading roles of "Takeshi Shimazu" and his niece, "Suzuko". The Japanese and international box office appeal of these fine actors is a matter of record and we are proud to have attracted their talents for KOKODA! Their great enthusiasm for the project and experience will undoubtedly enhance the fine script which John has crafted and taken to..

fourth draft

The first Treatment of KOKODA! was completed in mid-1994, the First Draft script in late 1995. The review process commenced at the outset with comments and assessments gleaned from funding agencies (Australian Film Commission, FQ) and utilising the Australian Writer's Guild (AWG) script assessment service. John's highly professional approach and sensitivity to the very complex issues involved has seen the script evolve through second and third drafts into the recently completed Fourth Draft. Following the completion of the Third Draft, many survey questionnaires were distributed, providing valuable feedback for a workshop which reviewed the Third Draft in detail.

In addition to members of the Rising Sun Films Board of Directors, those in attendance included the Production Manager designate Stottie, Casting Agent Greg Apps (PROTOTYPE) and one of the survey respondents Angela Tyler. Brisbane based Composer, Sean O'Boyle, also attended the workshop to give a presentation of his music. The gradual and on-going refining and development process has achieved the objective of producing a script with the potential to make a major impact on cinema screens around the world.

derek murphy joins board of directors

We are pleased to announce that Derek Murphy has joined the Board of Rising Sun Films Pty.Ltd. Derek brings with him a wealth of experience in legal, financial and communications fields. Formerly Group Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications with First Pacific Company Limited (1989-1996). Mr Murphy was called to the Bar of the Federal and High Courts of Australia in 1975. He went to Hong Kong as Crown Counsel in 1978 and in 1984 became the Deputy Commissioner for Securities and Commodities Trading. Elected a Fellow of the Securities Institute of Australia in 1987, he was a committee member of the Hong Kong Institute of Investment Analysis (1989-1990) and is the co-author of the book "The Takeover and Share Repurchase Codes" (Longman, 1993).

professional advisers

Rising Sun Films has engaged the services of a variety of corporate advisers to help steer the development of the "KOKODA!" project & the company. They include: Ross MacDonald of Parry Carroll Kanjian (corporate law), Dick Partlett of Partlett Chave & Rowland (company accountants), Nina Stevenson of Fisher & Grogan (entertainment lawyers), Bob Myman of Myman Abell Fineman Greenspan & Rowan (U.S. Solicitors). The appointment of specialist advisers will be announced in the next issue of RSF News.

rsf directors appointed to film festival steering committee

The Gold Coast City Council will shortly ratify its support for a Film Festival in 1999. Planning to possibly coincide with the Movie Convention that year. Chief Executive of Rising Sun Films Pty Ltd George Friend and Board member Professor Bruce Molloy have been invited to join the project's steering committee. Having attended two recent meetings, George and Bruce believe this support by the GCCC augers well for bolstering the local film industry.

major distributors express interest

KOKODA! is receiving the attention of some of the major players in film distribution. Two major international distributors and one of Australia's largest distributors have taken copies of the 4th Draft of the script. Interest is still very strong with Japanese distributors, particularly after confirmation of the two Japanese leads.

a first for independent exhibitors

Rising Sun Films is breaking new ground with its recognition of the vital role played by independent exhibitors in the Australian film industry. Following discussions between George Friend and industry representatives at the recent Movie Convention, independent exhibitors throughout Australia have been invited to express interest in visiting the set of KOKODA! The invitation, which we believe is an Australian first, is acknowledgment of the pivotal role the exhibitors play in the success of Australian feature films. We hope this initiative will help to build a strong and enduring relationship between both ends of the industry.

aerial survey confirms locations

George Friend and John Dixon have conducted a helicopter survey of all locations in the Gold Coast Hinterland. This confirmed earlier ground surveys.

All Systems are GO!

factis non verbis