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Tax benifits assist production of Kokoda!

Press Release from the office of Federal member Margaret May, MP for McPherson.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Gold Coast

Gold Coast City Council Article on the opening of the first stage of the Kokoda Memorial Walk on the Gold Coast.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Dandenong

Pictures from the Memorial Walk at Dandenong Ranges, VIC, Australia



Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

Pictures from the Memorial at Repatriation Hospital Concord, Sydney, NSW, Australia



"KOKODA!" : Two Sides, One Story.

"KOKODA!": The Movie

"KOKODA!" is an action-adventure drama set in modern day PNG. It is about the head to head clash of two veterans of the WWII campaign, who find themselves on Kokoda once again, some 50 years later.

Their younger charges, an injured pilot and two reluctant locals accompany them. The audience and our characters, are all taken on a roller coaster journey over the old battleground. Confronted by nature's fury and demons from the past, we have a cross cultural, cross generational conflict with their environment, themselves and each other.

RSF has been developing for some years now a feature film ("KOKODA!") based on the actual events and characters of that very famous battle. It is an exciting concept brought to you by the Writer/Director of ANZACS and Writer of "Man From Snowy River I & II" and the Producer of KOKODA-THE BLOODY TRACK.

Kokoda: A Tribute

Rising Sun Films has commissioned a web based photo essay featuring the work of Damien Parer, Australian War Cinematographer. This sequence of emotionally moving photographs is accompanied by a poem by Col. Kingsley Norris, M.D, written in 1942 whilst he served in New Guinea.

Click here to go to the Kokoda: A Tribute site.


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