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Tax benifits assist production of Kokoda!

Press Release from the office of Federal member Margaret May, MP for McPherson.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Gold Coast

Gold Coast City Council Article on the opening of the first stage of the Kokoda Memorial Walk on the Gold Coast.



Kokoda Track Memorial Walk - Dandenong

Pictures from the Memorial Walk at Dandenong Ranges, VIC, Australia



Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

Pictures from the Memorial at Repatriation Hospital Concord, Sydney, NSW, Australia






07/11/2003 Gold Coast Bulletin
Summary Expansion to Cascade Garden Memorial
Title Kokoda veterans finda friend in deed
Author By Ross Eastgate

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26/08/2003 Gold Coast Bulletin
Summary Kokoda! is back on track!
Title Kokoda man is back on track
Author By Jessica Halls

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19/08/2003 Media Press Release
Summary Tax benifits assist production of Kokoda!
Title Removal of Tax Offset Acts as incentive to Queensland Production Company
Author Office of Margaret May, MP
Federal Member for McPherson

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04/11/2002 Channel 9 Gold Coast News
Summary Kokoda Memorial Walk Opened on the Gold Coast - Cascade Gardens
Title Memorial Walk - Gold Coast
Author By Douglas Kennedy

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24/02/1999 Gold Coast Bulletin
Summary "Kokoda!" on track to Hollywood
Title "Aussie's march on Hollywood"
Author By Douglas Kennedy
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15/06/1998 Gold Coast Local News (TV)
Summary Joint venture with UCLA
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25/04/1998 Weekend Bulletin
Summary ANZAC Day color liftout special for RSF
Title "New Turn"
Author By Douglas Kennedy
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10/03/1998 Courier Mail
Summary Queensland's paper goes to bat for RSF
Title "Fight for Kokoda Film"
Author By Sarah McLean
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05/03/1998 Gold Coast Bulletin
Summary A big break on the funding and development front!
Title "Joint Venture offers boost for business"
Author By Natalie Evans
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13/09/1997 Rising Sun Newsletter Volume 01 #3
Summary Exciting developments on all fronts
Title "Kokoda is on Track!"
Author By Rising Sun P.R.
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13/09/1997 Weekend Bulletin
Summary Detailed article on the fund rasing drive by RSF
Title "Friend in Need"
Author By Douglas Kennedy
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11/08/1997 The Australian
Summary National coverage of "KOKODA!" by one of Australia's leading and most respected journalists
Title "Let the Warriors of the Kokoda Track March Again, On Screen"
Author By Frank Devine
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05/02/1997 Rising Sun Newsletter Volume 01 #2
Summary Part One: First release of RSF news, featuring breaking news of early developments.
Part Two: Director Appointed/Crew Identified & other news on "KOKODA!"
Title "Kokoda! is Coming"
Author By Rising Sun P.R.

Part One
Part Two
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